Octopus Deploy has recently launched new features to help simplify Kubernetes continuous delivery at scale.

“Kubernetes is powerful but gets complicated when deploying hundreds or thousands of applications,” Colin Bowern, SVP of Product at Octopus Deploy, said in the company’s announcement. “Challenges like managing environments, lack of pipeline visibility, and compliance get more complex at scale. What starts as a few lines of scripts and a few YAML files in Git becomes thousands of scripts and YAML sprawl – essentially DIY shadow CD tooling. Octopus is built to model all the complexity of delivering software to Kubernetes – and anywhere else – at scale.”

The new agent changes how Octopus interacts with Kubernetes clusters. According to the company, this means that:
● Installing the agent on a cluster registers it as a target in Octopus, so customers don’t need to
configure authentication.
● Customers don’t need to allow external network access to the cluster as the agent starts and
maintains the connection.
● With the agent, deployment tasks run on the cluster for maximum security and optimal resource

Octopus has also released external feed triggers for Kubernetes to help automate releases. This, the company said, eliminates the need to update YAML manifests whenever a new container is created, but still enables users to benefit from pull-driven deployments.

“We can all agree that Kubernetes brings tremendous power as a container orchestration platform,”
said Paul Stovell, CEO of Octopus Deploy, in the statement. “Octopus Cloud went live on Kubernetes back in 2018, so it’s
no secret we’re huge fans of Kubernetes, with the real-world production and scale scars that come with
it. We’ve also helped thousands of customers deploy to Kubernetes since we first shipped Kubernetes
CD support in 2018. And we are excited to continue our support for Kubernetes deployments with these
new features.”

These features are already available to customers on Octopus Cloud, and for customers on Octopus
Server as part of the 2024.2 release scheduled for June 2024.

Learn more about Octopus’ Kubernetes CD at scale.