With the new features, Octopus Deploy is able to better help organizations deploy software to thousands of tenants. 

According to Octopus Deploy, it is common for organizations today to have multi-tenant deployments, where each location has its own unique requirements, such as different time zones, outage windows, or technology. 

“If you deploy SaaS applications or to physical locations like stores, restaurants or remote sites, our tenanted deployments provide you with deployment patterns ensuring consistency, speed, and elimination of duplicating efforts,” said Paul Stovell, founder and CEO of Octopus Deploy. “This allows our users to accelerate their deployment frequency, without adding burden to their software teams.”

Octopus Deploy’s tenanted deployments allow customers to define one deployment process that can be used across as many customers or locations, while also using tenant tags and variables to apply unique customizations for certain tenants. 

It offers one-click management of a number of tasks, including infrastructure provisioning, database management, and website failover and restoration.

And finally, the Tenant Dashboard provides at-a-glance information, such as what projects a tenant belongs to, assigned tags, and the environments associated with a tenant.