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Octopus Deploy announces extension for GitHub Copilot

Continuous delivery platform provider Octopus Deploy has announced a GitHub Copilot Extension that increases efficiency and helps developers stay in the flow. The Octopus extension responds to plain text chat queries from Copilot with relevant information from customers’ Octopus instances, making it simpler to connect Octopus and GitHub for deployments. The Octopus extension, the company … continue reading

Octopus Deploy releases features to simplify Kubernetes continuous delivery

Octopus Deploy has recently launched new features to help simplify Kubernetes continuous delivery at scale. “Kubernetes is powerful but gets complicated when deploying hundreds or thousands of applications,” Colin Bowern, SVP of Product at Octopus Deploy, said in the company’s announcement. “Challenges like managing environments, lack of pipeline visibility, and compliance get more complex at … continue reading

Octopus Deploy strengthens Kubernetes deployment capabilities

Octopus Deploy this week announced the strengthening of its Kubernetes deployment capabilities to simplify deployments at scale without having to revisit how organizations progress from development to test to production. “The current buzz around the Kubernetes community is, it seems, like we’re trying to refigure out how to do dev to test to production deployments,” … continue reading

Octopus Deploy updates multi-tenancy capabilities

With the new features, Octopus Deploy is able to better help organizations deploy software to thousands of tenants.  According to Octopus Deploy, it is common for organizations today to have multi-tenant deployments, where each location has its own unique requirements, such as different time zones, outage windows, or technology.  “If you deploy SaaS applications or … continue reading Protection Status

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