Open-source cloud computing software and services company Mirantis today announced Mirantis Container Cloud 2.23 (MCC 2.23) with new features to simplify operations, such as the ability to monitor application performance with a Grafana dashboard.

The latest release of MCC also offers users the ability to make updates to Kubernetes clusters with a one-click “upgrade” button from a web interface.

With MCC, users gain access to a single point of control that stretches across cloud and infrastructure platforms. According to the company, this makes it easier for customers to manage clusters on OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and other cloud providers.

It also utilizes open-source StackLight to provide monitoring, logging, and alerting capabilities so users can have full visibility over their infrastructure.

MCC 2.23 includes log forwarding to third-party systems so that StackLight logs can be shared using Fluentd plugins. Also, High Availability setup for iam-proxy in StackLight works to make sure the StackLight identity and access management proxy remains available even if there is a failure. 

“The latest version of MCC helps deliver a zero-touch, ZeroOps experience that eliminates a lot of the complexity and headaches that come with managing infrastructure,” said Sergey Goncharov, senior product manager at Mirantis. “Also, it provides flexibility to transition from on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid model that includes cloud platforms.”

In addition, MCC 2.23 offers users Persistent Volume Claims so they can simplify the management of data storage and an upgrade to Ceph storage to support Pacific 16.2.11 for improved performance and security. 

More information can be found in the release notes