Logz.io, which produces the Open 360 observability platform, has announced the release of a new product called App 360.

App 360 improves the Open 360 portfolio by providing functionality for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) use cases in the observability platform, at a lower cost that most APM solutions, Logz.io explained. 

“App 360 takes everything that’s wrong with traditional APM and flips it on its head,” said Asaf Yigal, co-founder and CTO of Logz.io. “Whereas traditional APM is heavy, hard to implement, expensive, shackled by vendor lock-in and slow to bring business value, App 360 is exactly the opposite. App 360 is tailor-made for the microservices and Kubernetes era and offers a high-performance observability approach that is easy to set up, easy to use, and less costly than traditional APM solutions.”

App 360 delivers the logs, metrics, and traces from applications, infrastructure, and Kubernetes in a single dashboard. According to Logz.io, this allows admins to see the full picture of their environment at all the levels, so that they can answer questions about the current state of that environment.

“Engineers can now get APM capabilities without APM headaches through a modern, observability-centric technology that doesn’t take forever to implement and gives engineers just what they need to surface and resolve issues rapidly,” Yigal said.

Key capabilities of App 360 include distributed tracing, topology visualization, a list of all running services, the ability to view and track deployments, a Data Optimization Hub, and automated service discovery, application instrumentation, and data collection. 

It is available now for all Logz.io customers at no additional cost. To get started, customers will need to import their tracking data into the Open 360 platform.