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Datadog releases a number of observability, security updates at DASH

Datadog is hosting its annual event, DASH, this week. At the event, the company showed off several new features across its entire platform, from observability to security.  Observability Datadog LLM Observability allows customers to monitor their LLM apps to identify drifts in prompt topics and responses, mitigate prompt injections, detect personally identifiable information (PII) leakage, … continue reading

3 keys to optimizing operations in modern networking environments

In many enterprises, it seems IT and network operations teams are constantly being forced to react to problems, which leaves little time to make the meaningful optimizations that advance the organization’s objectives. Those realities only grow more pronounced as the implications of today’s modern networks continue to make their presence known. User connections continue to … continue reading

Modernizing network observability with generative AI and large language models

In the world of technology, change is the norm, and the adoption of cutting-edge solutions is not just a matter of staying competitive but of survival. Today’s leading organizations rely on a complex tapestry of data centers, public cloud and SaaS providers, traditional network and security devices, physical and virtual servers, and a blend of … continue reading adds automated Anomaly Detection to App 360 platform

The observability platform announced a new feature in its App 360 platform called Anomaly Detection, which provides automated alerts for problems in services and microservices.  It works by monitoring service latency and error ratios in order to detect abnormal patterns. Admins can customize how sensitive they want the anomaly detector to be, from low, … continue reading

Cisco Observability Platform updated to help companies gain more insights into customer experience, performance

Cisco has announced it updated the Cisco Observability Platform to provide customers with greater visibility and insights into their technology stack.  According to Cisco, the latest update builds on the platform’s existing capabilities while adding new features that help teams minimize tool sprawl, increase collaboration, improve performance, and deliver secure experiences.  The platform’s Digital Experience … continue reading

Kentik AI offers network monitoring and observability

Kentik, a company specializing in network observability, has announced the introduction of Kentik AI, a new tool designed to simplify the process of troubleshooting complex networks for engineers, operators, architects, and developers.  This launch aims to make it easier for professionals to identify and resolve network issues promptly and efficiently. Alongside Kentik AI, the company … continue reading

New Relic introduces new observability solution for monitoring business processes

The observability company New Relic has announced it is expanding its portfolio with a new open-source offering called New Relic Pathpoint, which provides observability into business processes. It provides insights into all the stages of the customer journey: customer behaviors, transactions, search queries, product selection, processing times, and post-interaction activities.  Having access to these metrics … continue reading brings APM to its observability platform with release of App 360, which produces the Open 360 observability platform, has announced the release of a new product called App 360. App 360 improves the Open 360 portfolio by providing functionality for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) use cases in the observability platform, at a lower cost that most APM solutions, explained.  “App 360 takes everything that’s … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Pixie

Pixie is an open-source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Pixie uses eBPF to automatically capture telemetry data without manual instrumentation. Users can swiftly access metrics, events, traces, and logs without code modification through dynamic eBPF probes and ingestors. The system enables easy integration without requiring changes to the existing codebase, allowing users to delve into … continue reading

LogicMonitor brings generative AI to IT operations teams with new Co-Pilot

The observability platform LogicMonitor is releasing a new generative AI solution, LM Co-Pilot, that can be utilized by IT operations teams. According to a recent survey conducted by the company, over a quarter of IT leaders responded that they had deferred troubleshooting an incident to a development team. LM Co-Pilot was designed to enable IT … continue reading

Honeycomb for Kubernetes offers new observability features

Honeycomb launched “Honeycomb for Kubernetes” to help engineers using Kubernetes identify and solve application issues by helping them understand the relationships between production code and the infrastructure layer.  The move is prompted by the CNCF’s 2022 Annual Survey, which shows the growing adoption of Kubernetes but highlights a gap in correlating application and infrastructure data, … continue reading

Cisco to acquire Splunk in effort to accelerate digital resilience

Cisco has announced its intention to acquire Splunk for approximately $28 billion in cash, at a rate of $157 per share. After the acquisition, Splunk’s CEO, Gary Steele, will join Cisco’s executive leadership team under the leadership of Chuck Robbins, who is currently chair and CEO of Cisco. Upon acquisition, Splunk and Cisco will be … continue reading

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