Examples of Kintaba milestones

Incident management company Kintaba has announced a new feature called Milestones that allows companies to document moments, or milestones, during a major outage or breach.

According to Kintaba, having an accurate timeline of events from responders within the organization can help provide a better understanding of what’s happening. It is also helpful during post-mortems as a source of truth for the incident. 

Now any user can add milestones, such as a technical team noting when a server crashed or a non-technical person noting when a customer first complained. 

These milestones then get pulled into Kintaba’s post-mortem editor and teams are incentivized to share what they learned, improve response processes, and prevent failures from occuring again. 

“We built Kintaba to give companies of all sizes, across all industries, the tooling for best-in-class incident management like what you’d see at companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook,” said Cole Potrocky, CTO and co-founder of Kintaba. “Today, the majority of companies don’t take the time to review an incident after it’s resolved, but it’s my belief that the postmortem review process is the glue between incident management and the assurance that major outages and breaches never repeat.”