Earlier this week, software company Solo.io revealed a new open-source project called Service Mesh Hub. Service Mesh Hub is a dashboard that can be used to install, discover, operate, and extend service meshes. 

“Service Mesh Hub was designed to be able to scale your operations, from a single mesh on a single Kubernetes cluster, to managing multiple service meshes spanning many clusters,” Solo.io wrote in a blog post

As part of the open-sourcing, new updates were also added to the hub, including multi-cluster support for Istio 1.5, which was released on March 5. Adding support for Istio 1.5 will help simplify installation, upgrades, discovery, and management. 

According to Solo.io’s founder Idit Levine, there is a critical need in the hybrid IT world to simplify the use of multiple service meshes. They are addressing this challenge with a number of open-source projects, including SuperGloo and Service Mesh Hub. 

“Today’s announcement brings our vision to reality. Service mesh offers security, observability and control benefits, but comes with significant complexity. The Service Mesh Hub abstracts this complexity away from the users, allowing them to quickly adopt the technologies they need,” said Levine. “We’re introducing the Service Mesh Hub as an open-source project, hoping to build a community that will help accelerate service mesh adoption and facilitate collaboration, and to make multi-cluster and multi-mesh a reality for everyone who needs it.”