EventNative is an open source, event collection service that captures all events that an application generates and then streams them to the preferred data warehouse.

Users don’t need to modify their existing tracking features when they’re using a drop-in segment and Google Analytics backend.

The project currently has support for RedShift and BigQuery and PostgreSQL, with additional support for Snowflake and ClickHouse coming soon.

EventNative parses incoming requests and adjusts the underlying schema automatically. It maps JSON events to tables and creates necessary columns on the fly.

“EventNative is written in Go with performance in mind, you’re only limited by local disk performance since we write events locally prior to sending them to your data warehouse in batches,” the working group behind the EventNative wrote on the project’s GitHub page, which contains additional details about the project.

EventNative can also connect with MaxMind’s self-hosted DB for geo resolution to determine a user’s country, city, and zip code from their IP address.

According to the working group behind the project, retrospective user recognition is coming soon for BigQuery, pSQL and ClickHouse and mobile application SDKs are coming soon for iOS and Android.