This week’s highlighted open-source project is one that enables you to essentially run your own data center on Debian and Ubuntu servers.

According to the project’s website, DebOps is a “set of Free and Open Source tools that let users bootstrap and manage an IT infrastructure based on Debian or Ubuntu operating systems.”

DebOps provides a set of Ansible roles for managing Debian or Ubuntu hosts. It also offers a default set of Ansible playbooks that can be used to apply provided roles in a controlled way.

The project’s GitHub page explains that these roles were written with high customization in mind. Role and playback code can be shared between multiple environments, each having a different configuration.

The project supports SQL and NoSQL databases, web servers, programming language, and specialized applications used in data centers.

DebOps was created by Maciej Delmanowski in October 2013. He created the project because he needed a way to manage different heterogeneous Debian servers.