Pure Storage has announced expansions to its as-a-service offerings. It launched FlashStack as-a-Service, which is a data infrastructure that integrates on-premise and multi-cloud infrastructures. 

Another new offering is Portworx Cloud Consumption, which provides greater flexibility to Portworx consumption to better match what their application needs. Instead of purchasing a license that is tied to a server, customers can now purchase a number of hours that can be consumed whenever.

MinIO available on Red Hat Marketplace

The Kubernetes-native object storage will now be easily accessible through both the Red Hat Marketplace and Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. According to MinIO, this collaboration will enable customers to create multi-tenant object storage and deploy and manage it using a single interface. 

“The addition of Red Hat OpenShift to our roster of supported Kubernetes platforms represents a significant milestone for our customer base,” said AB Periasamy, CEO and co-founder of MinIO. “OpenShift has established itself as the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform and we expect our inclusion in Red Hat Marketplace to broaden MinIO’s reach – making it easier for our joint customers to create, build, deploy and manage cloud-native applications.”

Cyient announces CyiOPS

CyiOPS provides outage planning, scheduling, and visualization capabilities for utility companies. Customers will be provided with a spatial view of sites that have a current or planned outage. It also integrates with Distributed Energy Resource systems, allowing users to manage their site details, update contact information, and request an outage on the distribution network.

According to Cyient, this solution will help improve transparency in communicating outages and reduce costs associated with them.