Data storage services provider Pure Storage today announced new capabilities to its platform, including storage automation and a generative AI copilot that help businesses accelerate AI deployments.

The company also announced new storage-as-a-service service-level agreements (SLAs) for its platform for cyber recovery, resilience, and site balance.

A recent Innovation Race survey commissioned by Pure Storage revealed that almost all respondents reported that their data infrastructures must improve to keep up with rapidly evolving AI.

“Pure is redefining enterprise storage with a single, unified data storage platform that can address virtually all enterprise storage needs including the most pressing challenges and opportunities IT leaders face today, like AI and cyber resilience,” Charles Giancarlo, chairman and CEO of Pure Storage, said in the announcement. 

According to the company, the Pure Fusion storage automation solution “unifies arrays and optimizes storage pools on the fly across structured and unstructured data, on-premises, and in the cloud.” 

The generative AI copilot for storage uses natural language to manage and protect data, drawing insights from the entire Pure Storage customer base to guide teams investigating performance and management issues, the company said.

Among other new capabilities is a new Evergreen//One AI storage-as-a-service that the company said “provides guaranteed storage performance for GPUs to support training, inference and HPC workloads.” 

Also, new access controls give users visibility into their storage infrastructures by combining Kubernetes container management, secure multi-tenancy and policy governance tools “to enable advanced data integrations between mission-critical data and AI clusters.”


To help organizations detect and remediate anomalies with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, Pure Storage said today its Evergreen//One is building on its ransomware recover SLA to include new disaster recovery scenarios that deliver customized recovery plans, and the company said “ships clean service infrastructure within a defined SLA, provides onsite installation and supplies additional professional services for data transfer.” 

It is also introducing a new security assessment that bases scores on intelligence from over 10K environments and adding AI-powered anomaly detection.

Finally, a new Site Rebalance SLA helps organizations “adjust existing reserve commitments as their storage requirements evolve, and lets organizations rebalance those commitments once every 12 months per Evergreen//One subscription.”

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