Security company Palo Alto Networks has announced new firewalls powered by machine learning technology. The new models, PA-3400 and PA-5400 Series provide three times improved security over previous models offered by the company, according to Palo Alto Networks. 

When compared to the previous models, the PA-5400 has seven times more content inspection per core, with up to 38 high-performance cores. The PA-3400 has nearly four times more content inspection per core, and up to 19 high-performance cores. 

In addition to improved performance, the new models also use 50% less rack space and are more efficient in their energy usage, which will be important in helping companies reach sustainability goals. 

Palo Alto Networks expects that these new models will be available for purchase in March 2022. 

Dynatrace’s Application Security Module gets updated security technology

Monitoring company Dynatrace has integrated real-time attack detection and blocking into the solution. This will help companies better protect themselves from having vulnerabilities in their systems, such as Log4Shell, being exploited. 

“Organizations are working to improve security posture through application security testing and DevSecOps processes, but it’s not enough for highly dynamic cloud-native environments,” said Steve Tack, SVP of product management at Dynatrace. “To enable our customers to be proactive, innovative, and secure, we are thrilled to add the ability to automatically block attacks in real time to our existing strengths – identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities. With Dynatrace’s intelligence and automation, organizations can reduce risk across the software development lifecycle, accelerate throughput, and secure modern cloud workloads and applications.”

Tigera integrates zero trust into its security solution 

The new zero trust capabilities in Tigera’s Calico Cloud will utilize machine learning to protect against security threats. It reduces the attack surface through zero-trust access controls, identity-aware microsegmentation, and integration with firewalls and security information and event management (SIEM) tools. 

In addition, a new scanning engine will continuously monitor container images for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. It features an admission controller, which automatically blocks deployments of pods containing high-severity vulnerabilities. It also automatically monitors images and checks them against common configuration security standards to identify misconfigurations. 

Calico Cloud also offers live visualization of communication between services through its Dynamic Service and Threat Graph, which can help in understanding security gaps.