BackupAssist has announced it is partnering with storage company Wasabi. This will provide a cheaper and faster solution for customers of both companies, BackupAssist explained. 

According to BackupAssist, Wasabi offers storage at a fifth of the cost of Amazon S3 and is faster than many competitors. It provides customers currently using a private cloud with the option of switching to public cloud without too much of an increase in cost. 

“Our mission is to disrupt the traditional cloud market and work with companies like BackupAssist to provide an affordable, scalable and high-performing storage option to their clients,” said David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “One benefit we’re particularly proud of is being able to provide immutable storage, creating an even more secure cloud storage option which perfectly complements BackupAssist’s ability to provide enterprise-grade cyber-resilience for the clients’ file backup needs.”

Incident Xpress now available
Incident Xpress is an incident reporting solution. According to the company, the solution is easy to set up and deploy, regardless of the size of the organization. The company offers default setups for corporate, education, healthcare, hospital, hospitality; online help; and a Help Center that provides guides and video tutorials. 

It is currently available at $49.50 per month for five concurrent users, and additional 10 user packs are available as well.  

SentinelOne releases SUNBURST identification tool
The open-source tool helps organizations discover whether the variant of SUNBURST that was used in the SolarWinds hack is on their devices. SentinelOne previously confirmed that all of its customers were protected from SUNBURST. 

According to SentinelOne, the tool uses the same logic as SUNBURST to get a list of running processes, services, and drivers, then performs a blocklist check and provides check results. 

“The sophistication and scale of the SolarWinds attack campaign presents a level of cyber risk that is rarely seen,” said Brian Hussey, vice president of cyber threat response at SentinelOne. “Many traditional antivirus and next-gen solutions lack native anti-tampering functionality and were disabled by SUNBURST prior to product updates being made, leaving thousands of organizations exposed. SentinelOne’s autonomous AI and robust anti-tampering capabilities have secured all of our customers against the attack. In addition to continually monitoring and testing the latest SUNBURST variants to ensure our customers remain protected, our SUNBURST tool allows the community at-large to easily measure their security tools’ effectiveness against SUNBURST activity and mitigate subsequent risk.”