Greenwave Systems, Inc., a global software leader for managed services and Industrial IoT edge analytics, today announced the availability of its Edge Developer Portal. The portal gives free access to a fully-functional trial version of AXON Predict, the company’s edge analytics solution, along with supporting resources. The AXON Predict portal offers IoT edge developers a quick and efficient way to connect, process and benefit from critical data flowing to their cloud partner. Developers involved in industrial IoT, vibration and location analytics with artificial intelligence at the edge, will now be able to test drive AXON Predict to easily create real-time visual edge analytics solutions faster than ever.

The Edge Developer Portal contains support and resources, including quick starts, a user’s guide, and other documentation that shows developers how to utilize the power of AXON Predict. Additionally, Greenwave has created a user forum where members can get help and share ideas about how to develop robust edge analytics solutions.

“We wanted to give developers, data scientists and engineers an easy way to realize the benefits of edge analytics and predictive maintenance without having to write any code to get up and running,” said John Crupi, vice president of Edge Analytics at Greenwave Systems. “With our new Edge Developer Portal, you can download the entirety of AXON Predict and run it locally on your computer to experience how edge analytics can help better manage connected devices and provide valuable insights into industrial operations.”

Greenwave’s Edge Developer Portal provides developers with:

  • A functional edge analytics platform available for free download and trial
  • Real-time insights on your devices
  • An easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • The ability to quickly create edge analytics solutions using advanced visual tools
  • Educational resources to support development
  • Example use-cases

AXON Predict performs analytics at the edge of a device, adding a new level of intelligence to machines and sensors at every step of the network. By incorporating analytics at the “edge” of networks (or at the point where data is produced and collected), companies benefit from edge processing and a dramatic reduction in data sent to the cloud. These capabilities provide users with immediate insight and intelligence from devices, the predictive capability to detect anomalies before they occur, and the ability to address bandwidth constraints over cellular and satellite connections.

For companies in the industrial and commercial market segments, analytics at the edge is fast becoming a competitive differentiator and is far more effective than waiting for data to be uploaded and processed in the cloud. Whether you’re a fleet manager using predictive analytics to reduce unplanned downtime or a manufacturer looking to optimize supply chain processes, AXON Predict delivers by harnessing the power of edge intelligence and providing valuable information that companies need to optimize their connected devices.