Log management company Graylog has announced that it is introducing a Server Side Public License (SSPL) to its open source product in the Graylog 4.0 release, which is available later this week.

According to Graylog, SSPL provides similar open source rights as GPL v3. It also extends those rights to cover cloud and SaaS offerings.

Graylog 4.0 will provide IT teams with more flexible and granular level control, helping streamline processes for IT, drive usage of log data to the end-user, and improve the end-user experience. 

The new release of Graylog Open Source also includes new features to collect, enhance, store, and analyze machine data. New features include Elasticsearch 7 support and Simplified Access Control, which removes the complexities of group permissions. 

Graylog Enterprise also added new productivity enhancements, such as Team Manager, which allows organizations to control access to content creation, and support in the Slack and Script Notification Plugin for new Event Notification Types. 

Graylog Illuminate will add Illuminate for Networks, which automates the visualization, management, and correlation of log data. It will enable IT teams to visually identify who is accessing what. 

“Graylog 4.0 takes terabytes of machine data and turns it into business and operational insights that address security, compliance, operational and DevOps issues every day,” said Lennart Koopmann, founder, Graylog. “With this release, we deliver greater efficiencies to our customers by simplifying the user experience and increasing the power of the platform.”