The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is adding security and storage to its list of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The groups are designed to set up focus areas for experts and contributors.

Earlier this year, the CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to approve the creation of SIGs. Currently there are several SIGs being worked on, focusing on several different areas such as traffic, observability, governance, app delivery, and core and applied architectures.

According to the CNCF, members from the CNCF and TOC will begin drafting official charters for those SIGs, as well as begin soliciting chairs.

Earlier this month, the CNCF’s TOC voted to approve a  Security SIG. Three objectives for the Security SIG include common tooling for audits, common understanding and common tooling to enable developers to meet security requirements, and protection of heterogeneous, distributed, and fast changing systems.

“While there are many open source security projects, security has generally received less attention than other areas of the cloud native landscape. The visibility of these projects’ internals has been limited, and their integration into cloud native tooling as well. There is also a lack of security experts focused on the ecosystem. All of this has contributed to an uncertainty on how to securely set up and operate cloud native architectures,” the CNCF wrote in a blog post.

At the end of May, the TOC also approved a Storage SIG. According to the CNCF, the Storage SIG is focused on enabling “widespread and successful storage of persistent state in cloud native environments.”

“The Storage SIG strives to understand the fundamental characteristics of different storage approaches with respect to availability, scalability, performance, durability, consistency, ease-of-use, cost and operational complexity. The goal then is to clarify suitability for various cloud native use cases,” the CNCF wrote.