Cisco has announced it updated the Cisco Observability Platform to provide customers with greater visibility and insights into their technology stack. 

According to Cisco, the latest update builds on the platform’s existing capabilities while adding new features that help teams minimize tool sprawl, increase collaboration, improve performance, and deliver secure experiences. 

The platform’s Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capabilities have been given a boost with new features like Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Session Replays, which gives insight into session-level issues in the browser and mobile apps. The company also added an integration with Cisco ThousandEyes and Cisco Accedian, providing network teams with the ability to figure out the root cause of impacted digital experiences. 

The Kubernetes monitoring experience was also enhanced with the addition of eBPF, which provides users with the ability to get more detailed visibility into network activity, resource utilization, application dependencies, and misconfigurations that may be impacting performance. 

Log Analytics and Core Web Vitals were also added to the Cisco Observability Platform and AppDynamics Cloud Service. Log Analytics allows users to search through logs with context, while Core Web Vitals provides insights into how to ensure websites continue to have a good user experience so that their PageRank isn’t affected. 

There were also AIOps features added in this release, further simplifying monitoring and reducing noise from events and alerts to help keep IT teams free from distractions.

Additionally, there is now a generative AI interface in the platform, allowing IT teams to troubleshoot issues using natural language queries.

“These latest innovations further boost the core capabilities of the Cisco Observability Platform,  empowering our customers with better visibility, insights and actions across domains than ever before,”  said Ronak Desai, senior vice president and general manager for Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability at Cisco. “Cisco is uniquely positioned to deliver all the benefits of observability in a unified platform to support our customers’ digital ecosystems.” 

In addition to making all of these updates to the Cisco Observability Platform, the company also made several updates to its cloud application security solution, Panoptica.

Panoptica now includes an AI assistant that can provide application security teams with assistance understanding, prioritizing, investigating, and remediating security issues.

It also now provides protection for generative AI-based applications against commonly used risk vectors for those types of applications.

And finally, Data Security Posture Management (DPSM) and Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) for CNAPP were added. According to the company, DPSM enables prioritization and classification of issues and CDR uses behavior analysis and machine learning to help security teams uncover and respond to security concerns faster. 

The company is currently demoing the latest additions to the Cisco Observability Platform at Cisco Live EMEA 2024, happening February 5-9, 2024.