Microsoft is hoping to make it easier for companies to create and deploy IoT solutions. The company announced new capabilities that will help them fulfill that goal.

Microsoft will help customers embrace IoT as a strategy for driving better business outcomes, improving safety by predicting and preventing equipment failures, optimizing smart building for space utilization and energy management, improving patient outcomes and worker safety, and tracking assets across a supply chain.

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Microsoft has released over 100 services this year targeted at IoT. Today’s announcement includes updates to IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Maps, and Azure Time Series Insights.

IoT Central is an IoT platform that developers can build on with built-in security, scale, and extensibility. New features include 11 new application templates, API support, IoT Edge support, IoT plug and play support, the ability to save and load applications, more data export options, multitenancy support, custom user roles, and a new pricing model.

Azure IoT Hub now allows messages from devices to be stamped with rich information before being sent to cloud services.

Azure Maps now features the ability to add geospatial weather intelligence to applications. This will allow for scenarios like weather-based routing, weather-based targeted marketing, and weather-based operations optimization.

And finally, there are several new preview capabilities in Azure Time Series Insights. These include multilayered storage, flexible cold storage, rich analytics, enterprise-grade scale, extensibility and integration.

In addition to these announcements, Microsoft also revealed that its IoT security solution Azure Sphere will be generally available in February 2020.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to building a trusted, easy-to-use platform that allows our customers and partners to build seamless, smart, secure solutions regardless of where they are in the IoT journey,” said Sam George, CVP of Azure IoT at Microsoft. “That’s why we are investing $5B in IoT and intelligent edge — technology that is accelerating ubiquitous computing and bringing unparalleled opportunity across industries.”