Jitterbit introduced a new self-managed, cloud-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution into the Jitterbit Harmony platform. 

This offering, known as Harmony EDI, enables users to independently handle and manage their EDI processes, allowing for a self-serve approach to EDI operations.

It ensures automated data transfer between various trading partners, including major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart, and the merchants’ ERP, CRM, and shipping systems.

By streamlining processes and automating workflows, this integration eliminates the need for manual processing and approvals of EDI transactions, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in the exchange of information between systems, Jitterbit explained.

Unlike many other EDI solutions that only provide basic document translators or data exchange between trading partners, Harmony EDI offers a comprehensive cloud-based iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution, according to the company. 

It includes a suite of applications that support tailored integrations and enables businesses to effortlessly add and manage systems and applications that work seamlessly with EDI. According to the company, this flexible approach caters to various types of businesses, accommodating those with experienced or dedicated EDI teams who prefer self-management and those with little or no EDI experience who seek a dependable vendor to set up their EDI processes and handle interactions with trading partners.

“Today, Jitterbit takes a leap forward in the world of EDI solutions with the launch of Harmony EDI. Seamlessly embedded in the cloud, this game-changing offering brings flexibility, enhanced visibility and unparalleled user-friendliness,” said Vito Salvaggio, SVP of product management at Jitterbit. “With centralized trading partner management and competitive pricing, Harmony EDI stands tall as the superior choice in the market. B2B vendors can say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new era of streamlined processes, automated workflows, and the power to redefine success.”