KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 has been taking place in Valencia, Spain this week. As usual, a number of companies in the Kubernetes and cloud native spaces have taken the opportunity to announce news at the event.

Here are some of the highlights from this week:

D2iQ announces partnership with GitLab

Customers will now be able to run GitLab’s Kubernetes Operator on the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). In addition, they will now be able to deploy projects to DKP from a CI/CD pipeline with a cluster attached to GitLab.

“Organizations of all sizes are under more pressure than ever to drive innovation, performance, and speed,” said Tobi Knaup, CEO of D2iQ. “Combining the leading Kubernetes and DevOps platforms enables organizations to achieve a new level of business performance. D2iQ and GitLab are delivering a best-in-class solution and an unmatched user experience to enable our customers to achieve success in Day 2 operations.” 

Sysdig launches Sysdig Advisor to improve Kubernetes troubleshooting 

Sysdig Advisor is a new product being offered as a part of Sysdig Monitor. According to the company it accelerates troubleshooting time by up to 10 times. 

It provides admins with a prioritized list of issues and troubleshooting data. It gives them all the relevant context and actionable information needed to resolve issues when they are discovered, eliminating the need to search through wikis, Stack Overflow, or blogs to find the answer they’re looking for on how to resolve an issue. 

Deepfence Cloud now available

Deepfence Cloud is a fully managed security observability offering. Customers gain the benefits of visibility of cloud-native infrastructure without needing to worry about the overhead of deploying and managing resources themselves. 

Customers get a high-level view of their infrastructure, but they can also drill down into individual applications or functions. Deepfence Cloud also offers single sign-on and integration with enterprise identity platforms. 

The offering comes with a free trial, or prospective customers can get a demo at KubeCon this week. 

Trilio announces Continuous Restore capability

This new capability provides faster replication, restoration, and migration of data between storage or cloud platforms. 

Use cases for Continuous Restore include disaster recovery, application migrations, development and testing, and data curation from edge clouds. 

It is currently in technical preview, and will be introduced into the TrilioVault for Kubernetes platform. 

SUSE NeuVector 5.0 and SUSE Rancher 2.6.5 release

The release of NeuVector 5.0 is the first release since NeuVector was open sourced back in January, and also coincides with the latest release of SUSE Rancher. 

SUSE NeuVector 5.0 integrates with SUSE Rancher and other container management platforms like Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Microsoft AKS.

New features in SUSE Rancher 2.6.5 other than NeuVector integration include a Prometheus Federator, general availability of RKE2, and enhanced support for Windows. 

“As container security concerns continue to rise, our customers know that they can count on SUSE to deliver a comprehensive solution that enhances security throughout the Kubernetes lifecycle,” said Greg Muscarella, general manager of enterprise container management at  SUSE. “Building on the heritage of SUSE Linux Enterprise and integrating seamlessly with SUSE Rancher, SUSE NeuVector will enable enterprises to strengthen their security against growing cyber threats in any location without compromising developer agility and innovation.”

Ambassador Labs announces new technical partnerships

The company announced it has joined the steering committee for Envoy Gateway, which is a project that extends Envoy capabilities to include “out of the box” API gateway capabilities. 

Ambassador Labs is also a launch partner for Docker’s Extension marketplace. Users will now be able to download the Docker Desktop Extension for Telepresence through the marketplace. 

In addition, the company announced the new Team Edition for Ambassador Cloud, which enables teams to get started with Ambassador Cloud for free. According to the company, it is easy to add additional teams and projects, which will make it easy for new team members to get started collaborating on projects.