Earlier this week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024, Kong announced it would be open sourcing the Kong Gateway Operator (KGO) with the latest release, 1.2.

With this release, all the previously released features of KGO are now open source, and new features were also added, such as managed gateways, HPA-based gateway autoscaling, and AI Gateway.  

Kong Gateway is an API gateway for automating the API and microservices life cycle, and KGO is a tool for managing Kong Gateway on Kubernetes. 

It provides users a Kubernetes-native experience, and with the latest updates in 1.2, it simplifies the installation and management process even further, so that it is more intuitive for Kubernetes users. 

“With this open-source update, developers can read the code and see what a production-grade Kubernetes operator looks like,” said Marco Palladino, chief technology officer and co-founder of Kong Inc. “You can keep the tooling and workflows that you already know from Kubernetes while managing your domain or application-specific items for your business.”