IBM is opening up a tool that will help developers deploy and manage applications in Kubernetes clusters. IBM’s new open-source tool, Razee, provides insights into those Kubernetes cluster deployments.

According to IBM, Razee addresses one of the major challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes workloads, which is the process of generating inventory and scripts that will describe actions on a cluster-by-cluster basis. Razee’s pull-based deployment model allows users to manage deployments of a large number of clusters.

The solution also provides a dashboard that features a dynamic inventory and change history, reducing operational burdens on developers.

IBM has been developing this tool for two years now, and it has drastically changed the way that IBM Cloud delivers its cloud services, the company explained.

“Multi-cluster environments can be difficult to manage as they grow and evolve, so delivery and operations tools are needed to facilitate these changes. Whether you manage hundreds of clusters or only a few, the powerful features provided by Razee can benefit your delivery and operations processes,” IBM wrote in a post.