Google is introducing the availability of commercial Kubernetes applications today in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

“Building, deploying and managing applications with Kubernetes comes with its own set of unique challenges. Today, we are excited to be the first major cloud provider to offer production-ready commercial Kubernetes apps right from our marketplace, bringing you simplified deployment, billing, and third-party licensing,” Anil Dhawan, product manager for the GCP, wrote in a post.

Several companies have already announced that they will be adding Kubernetes applications to the GCP Marketplace, including Neo4j and Aqua Security.

Neo4j’s application will enable customers to easily deploy Neo4j’s graph capabilities for Kubernetes into a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)-hosted cluster. With this addition, Kubernetes users will be able to easily pair Neo4j into existing applications that are already running on Kubernetes clusters.

“We believe ease of deployment and time to value are critical to delivering the benefits of an enterprise graph database to a broader set of users,” said David Allen, partner solution architect at Neo4j. “Now with this collaboration, Kubernetes’ growing customer base can easily tap Neo4j for a wide range of connected data applications.”

Aqua Security’s solution, which is slated to release on July 24, will provide customers with an enterprise-class container security platform, enabling them to protect applications quickly from the start.

Aqua Security’s solution will be able to block unapproved images from running on GCP. It automatically profiles container behavior and ensures that contains only perform the actions required in the application context. It has a network-level firewall that allows enterprises to control network traffic based on Kubernetes namespaces, clusters, or deployments, enabling admins to enforce network segmentation for compliance reasons, the company explained.

The solution also incorporates CIS Kubernetes benchmark checks and Docker CIS benchmark checks. It logs all container-related system events and policy violations in order to provide visibility for compliance.

“As the market for cloud-native technologies and container-based applications evolves, customers are looking for accessible, flexible ways to consume these technologies” said Upesh Patel, VP, Business Development at Aqua. “We are thrilled to be part of GCP Marketplace and provide advanced cloud-native application security to Google Cloud customers in a consumption-based model.”

Other commercial apps include Couchbase and Datastax for database and Big Data; GitLab and CloudBees for developer tools; and Datadog for monitoring.

In addition, the GCP Marketplace offers open-source projects for Kubernetes deployment. Some projects include: WordPress for CMS; Nginx for web server; Apache Spark for Big Data; and RabbitMQ for networking.