Cerbos is a scalable, open-source authorization layer for implementing roles and permissions that was created in early 2021. 

With the project, users have the ability to separate and manage authorization logic in a central location for all their applications and services. By doing so, they can eliminate redundant efforts, have better visibility, and apply changes to access rights instantly across all systems.

Additionally, users can create and implement detailed access control policies with assurance by utilizing CI/CD/GitOps workflows for testing and deploying these policies. The project works with any identity provider from services like Auth0, Okta, FusionAuth, Magic, and WorkOS. 

The basis of the project is human-readable access configuration that provides wider organizational visibility and enables collaboration for enforcing security policies and auditing compliance requirements. Cerbos’ policies can model a wide range of domains including multi-tenant SaaS systems, feature flags, product packaging, and more.

The application, Cerbos, is designed to operate without storing any state information, and it can be hosted on one’s own servers or any public or private cloud-based infrastructure. It’s even compatible with serverless platforms, and users will have complete control over all aspects of the system, which ensures that all operations are kept within the perimeter.

Additional details are available here