Flux v2.0.0 brings several enhancements to its functionality. Firstly, the GitOps-related APIs have been upgraded to v1. Also, Flux controllers now have the ability to scale horizontally and support sharding. 

The Flux CLI and Flux Terraform Provider now offer stable and production-ready Git bootstrap capabilities, streamlining the process of setting up Git repositories for Flux deployments.

Starting from this version, the build, release, and provenance components of the Flux project supply chain meet the SLSA Build Level 3 requirements on a provisional basis. 

Flux GA is also now fully integrated with Kubernetes Workload Identity for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This integration facilitates passwordless authentication to OCI sources such as container images, OCI artifacts, and Helm charts.

The alerting capabilities of Flux have been expanded with the inclusion of PagerDuty and Google Pub/Sub support. The improved Alert v1beta2 API offers better control over event filtering and allows users to enhance alerts with custom metadata.

“With the GA of Flux 2.0, we are celebrating another step forward in cloud native innovation in the GitOps space,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, CNCF. “The journey of Flux from inception to the latest release has been one of remarkable growth and development. We applaud the work Flux has done meeting advanced SLSA requirements to improve security practices and the work they are continuing doing to cultivate their broad community.”

Additional details on the new version are available here.