Google has added file storage capabilities to Google Cloud Platform with the addition of Cloud Filestore.

Cloud Filestore is a file storage system for applications that need a file system interface and a shared file system. It enables high performance for applications that require high throughput, low latency, and high IOPS, such as content management systems, website hosting, render farms, and virtual workstations.

According to Google, Cloud Filestore is useful for organizations with a lot of unstructured content. For example, graphic design, video and image editing, and other media workflows use files as both inputs and outputs. Cloud Filestore provides creators with access to shared storage to manipulate and produce those large files.

Google wants to help empower artist collaboration and creation with this technology. According to Google, this release coincides with GCP’s upcoming Los Angeles region launch because it is one of the creative centers of the world.

Early users of Cloud Filestore has saved time serving websites with Cloud Filestore, cut down on hardware needs, and sped up the compute-intensive process of rendering movies, Google said.