Snipe-IT is an open-source IT asset and license management tool that can help IT teams get more visibility into what they own, who has an asset, and where it is. 

The platform has an admin dashboard that shows recent asset activity, such as items that have been checked in/out or were recently updated or deleted. It also shows an overview of what assets, accessories, consumables, and components are in use. 

Some key features include one-click check ins, the ability to require EULA/Terms of Service acceptance on checkout, integration with barcode scanners and QR code readers, and more. 

It also has alerting capabilities, both for users and admins. Users can get emails upon checking an asset in or out or when their check in deadline is approaching. And admins can get emails for asset check in/out, expected check in reports, expiring license reports, and low inventory reports. 

SnipeIT also has a REST API so that developers can build their own custom integrations and automations. 

Additionally, because it is a web-based tool, Snipe-IT is mobile-friendly and easy to use on the go.

It is updated quite frequently, often with at least two releases per week, containing a mix of bug fixes and new features.

The project currently has 10k stars on GitHub and has over 250 developers contributing to it. 

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