AWS has just announced that customers can now create pools, or groups, of non-persistent virtual desktops through Amazon WorkSpaces. These pools can then be shared across a group of users, and each user in a pool gets the same applications and experience.

According to AWS, users can access the virtual desktops via a browser, desktop application, or Thin Client device. When a user logs in, they will get a fresh WorkSpace based on the latest pool configuration, which is centrally managed by the administrator. 

Administrators can control the compute resources and the initial configuration of desktops in the pool, including what applications are available.

They can also enable persistent application settings to allow users to configure applications settings that remain between sessions, such as browser favorites, plugins, and UI customizations.  Additionally, they can configure the pool to accommodate the size and working hours of the users and can add the pool to the organization’s domain and active directory if desired. 

“These desktops are a great fit for many types of users and use cases including remote workers, task workers (shared service centers, finance, procurement, HR, and so forth), contact center workers, and students,” Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS, wrote in a blog post

To get started, administrators can use an existing WorkSpaces image, create a new one, or use one of the standard ones. 

This new feature is available now in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkSpaces Personal is available, except for Israel (Tel Aviv), Africa (Cape Town), and China (Ningxia).

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