Telecommunications vendors are moving towards an innovative future, with many adopting technologies like open source software, cloud-native architectures, and network APIs.

A recent report from the Linux Foundation explored how these companies are using these technologies today and how open source will be critical to adopting AI-based networking, or intelligent networking. 

“The future of intelligent networking and AI lies in the hands of individuals and organizations willing to contribute to new and existing projects. Whether they are involved in network building, network technology development, or network services consumption, contributing to AI-centric open source projects is an educational and rewarding way to shape the future of intelligent networking,” the Linux Foundation wrote in the report. 

According to the Linux Foundation, several open source projects have paved the way for network AI solutions, across several categories: data models and infrastructure, integration and interoperability, security and resilience, and AI algorithms and frameworks. 

The Linux Foundation predicts that future progress will also be made around O-RAN and at the network edge. 

O-RAN is an open implementation of Radio Access Networks that allows for interoperability between network equipment from different vendors, including open source options.  The Linux Foundation predicts that O-RAN will enable network operators to avoid vendor lock-in and pick and choose different components from different companies to promote innovation, reduce costs, and enhance security. 

They also see a lot of promise for innovation at the network edge, as there are many benefits to bringing computers and storage closer to the end user. 

“AI workloads are a great example of how edge computing working harmoniously with the network can deliver optimal performance and efficiency. In the near term, we can expect AI workloads to be the driving force and create new synergy opportunities for edge and networking technologies,” the Linux Foundation wrote in the report. 

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