Teleport has introduced a new offering called Teleport Assist, an AI-powered chat interface specifically designed to aid DevOps teams in swiftly and effortlessly resolving infrastructure issues by engaging in conversations with their cloud environments. 

With Teleport Assist, DevOps professionals can troubleshoot problems more efficiently, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to streamline their workflows and enhance productivity.

DevOps teams can have verbal conversations with their cloud environments, starting with SSH and bash. This means that engineers can ask questions and provide instructions in English to large collections of servers. Although initially focused on SSH and bash, future versions of Teleport Assist will expand its capabilities to include other cloud resources such as SQL databases and Kubernetes clusters, according to Teleport. 

“Today’s DevOps teams have countless cloud resources to pay attention to, which can translate into mundane and repetitive work, and a higher likelihood of human error,” said Ev Kontsevoy, co-founder and CEO at Teleport. “We are using generative AI to help DevOps professionals do their job better and save time. Instead of writing bash and Ansible scripts, they can simply speak in English and Teleport Assist will translate it to the native language of the infrastructure components that are relevant to the query.”

Teleport Assist provides command and script recommendations tailored to an enterprise’s specific needs for troubleshooting and resolving common infrastructure issues. 

By understanding natural language, Teleport Assist swiftly generates commands that aid DevOps teams in effectively managing and accessing their cloud infrastructure. To ensure accuracy, the generated commands are reviewed and validated by a human user before execution, preventing any potentially incorrect responses from being executed within the system.