The AIOps company Selector AI has announced a number of new capabilities in its summer release. 

The platform now includes over 500 integrations in areas like network, infrastructure, cloud, and applications. Integrations include BGP/BMP, SNMP, CloudWatch, Stackdriver, Postgres, and NGINX. 

The new release also added outlier detection to more easily identify devices and applications that are misbehaving so that outages can be prevented. 

Forecasting capabilities also allow Selector AI customers to predict the evolution of their metrics over time and then configure alerts accordingly. According to the company, this allows for more proactive management of resources and prevention of service interruptions.

Another new update is the PingMesh feature, which measures and analyzes latency. Network operators can then use this information to validate the impact of the network on application performance. 

The company has also released some improved deployment models. Customers can now do multi-node deployments and have deployments that have geo-redundancy so that data is replicated and available across multiple geographic locations.

“We are thrilled to introduce these powerful capabilities to our network observability and AIOps platform,” said Kevin Kamel, VP of product management at Selector. “With these enhancements, organizations can gain unparalleled visibility into their entire network stack, from devices and interfaces to applications. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions, optimize performance, and ensure a seamless user experience.”