VMware has announced a public preview of its cloud storage and data management service Cloud Flex Storage. 

Cloud Flex Storage is a fully managed service, and offers a scalable and flexible storage solution. For example, in just a few clicks a customer could scale their storage environment and adjust their storage capacity up or down. 

It is based on a two-tier filesystem architecture, Log-Structure Filesystem (LFS). VMware explained that the LFS design allows for independently scaling of performance and capacity. 

According to VMware, key use cases for Cloud Flex Storage include cost-effective cloud migration, data center extension, and scaling of storage-intensive workloads. 

It is currently being offered for VMware Cloud on AWS, but the company plans to offer it across multiple clouds in the future. 

“Digital transformation has accelerated not only the growth of data but also the diversity of data types and storage requirements. To match the rapid pace of data expansion and heterogeneity, businesses today require more flexible, scalable, simple, and cost-effective ways to store and manage their data. In addition, as enterprises continue to distribute their workloads across multiple cloud environments, customers are expressing a clear need for consistent cross-cloud consumption and management of data across the entire data lifecycle. This is where VMware Cloud Flex Storage comes in,” Marc Fleishmann, cloud CTO at VMware, wrote in a blog post