Broadcom announced that it has acquired VMware to work on solutions that help customers optimize their private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, and to run applications and services from anywhere.

Broadcom is shifting its focus towards assisting enterprise customers in developing and modernizing their private and hybrid cloud environments. The company plans to invest in VMware Cloud Foundation, a software stack serving as the basis for these cloud environments.

Broadcom aims to help customers transform their diverse IT infrastructure into a virtualized and containerized setup, facilitating private and hybrid clouds, according to Hock Tan, president and CEO at Broadcom. The platform’s goal is to streamline IT tasks, allowing for more efficient delivery of services that minimize security risks, accelerate time to market, and generate additional revenue from new business services.

As part of the acquisition, VMware will offer a catalog of services on top of VMware Cloud Foundation. VMware emphasizes distributed security and comprehensive visibility to enable customers to implement defense-in-depth and zero-trust security strategies. The main goal is to provide simpler and more agile lateral protection for VMware virtualized infrastructure. To address evolving cybersecurity threats, the company utilizes emerging AI/GenAI techniques in its security approach.

Broadcom’s plan for VMware Tanzu is to enhance customers’ business agility by accelerating application development, delivery, and management across various cloud environments. The solution works on VMware Cloud Foundation and major hyperscalers, providing optimization for app-dev frameworks like Spring. Tanzu boosts developer productivity while enabling platform teams to enforce standards, maintain security, and track performance. Broadcom, in collaboration with VMware, aims to simplify customers’ IT environments by evolving existing services and investing in VMware assets to deliver enhanced value.

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