Amazon has added a new feature to Amazon FSx for Lustre that allows customers to perform file releases.

Amazon FSx for Lustre is a managed storage service for Linux-based workloads that builds on the open-source Lustre project. 

The new file release capability allows customers to release file data that has been synchronized with Amazon S3. According to Amazon, doing this frees up storage space, allowing customers to write new data to the system and retain access to released files. They are accessible because of lazy loading in FSx for Lustre from Amazon S3.

Customers are able to specify a directory to release from and a minimum amount of time since last access. This ensures that only files they want to be released are. 

“File release helps you with data lifecycle management by moving colder file data to S3 enabling you to take advantage of S3 tiering,” Veliswa Boya, senior developer advocate at Amazon, explained in a blog post

File release can be initiated from the AWS Management Console or by making an API call with AWS CLI, AWS SDK, or Amazon EventBridge Scheduler to schedule releases at regular intervals.

Customers will also be given the option to receive completion reports when a release task finishes.