Eclipse Kapua is a modular platform designed to integrate IoT devices and smart sensors, facilitating the convergence of Operation Technology (OT) and IT. 

Its architecture supports multi-protocol device connectivity through a message broker, initially adopting MQTT but also supporting AMQP and WebSockets. This connectivity framework includes authentication, authorization, and a Device Registry for organizing and tracking device information, status, and logs.

The platform features a Message Routing component that efficiently directs data streams from devices to appropriate consumers, such as Device Management for commands and control messages or other systems for telemetry data, through configurable routes. 

Device Management enables comprehensive remote interactions with devices, including configuration, service and application management, and execution of remote commands, relying on protocols like MQTT initially, with potential future support for standards like LWM2M.

Eclipse Kapua also excels in Data Management, archiving telemetry data in NoSQL databases for flexible indexing and retrieval, and maintaining a Data Registry for topic and metrics tracking. 

It ensures platform security through a foundation layer managing tenants, accounts, and user access based on RBAC principles. Additionally, it integrates with existing applications via a REST API, facilitating real-time data display and command routing to devices, and enhancing application and device integration within IoT ecosystems.

Additional details are available here.