Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open-source solution for provisioning and deploying software to virtual machines (VMs). 

It also includes capabilities for monitoring, failure recovery, and software updating. 

The tool was initially designed to deploy to Cloud Foundry PaaS, but it can also be deployed to almost any other software as well, the maintainers claim. 

It also supports Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers such as VMware vSphere, Google Cloud Platform, AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and Alibaba Cloud. To use it with IaaS providers that aren’t natively supported, it does offer a Cloud Provider Interface to connect with them. 

BOSH contains several components that make it work. The Director controls creation and deployment of VMs and other software life cycle events. It deploys an Agent to every VM, which listens for and carries out instructions from the Director. A Health Monitor uses status and life cycle events from the Agents to determine the health of the VMs. It also includes a message bus that connects the Director, Health Monitor, and Agents.