Nutanix has introduced new features in its Nutanix Cloud Platform to enhance cyber resilience against ransomware attacks on unstructured data. 

These features, available in Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage solutions, enable organizations to swiftly detect threats, defend against further damage, and initiate a 1-click recovery process within just 20 minutes of exposure. This builds upon Nutanix’s existing capabilities to safeguard sensitive data across different cloud environments.

Ransomware remains a top concern for CIOs and CISOs globally, with 93% of organizations recognizing the need for better preparedness, as per the Enterprise Cloud Index. Rapid detection has become crucial due to the increasing efficiency of threat actors in breaching, exfiltrating, and deploying ransomware payloads. 

Additionally, quick data recovery is essential since traditional recovery times can span days or weeks, and incomplete recovery can continue to impact operations long after the ransomware attack has ended, Nutanix explained. Nutanix’s new features aim to address these challenges and bolster organizations’ ability to protect and recover their data.

“Many organizations struggle with managing data protection across storage silos and clouds, especially when it comes to data governance and security,” said Thomas Cornely, SVP of product management at Nutanix. “With these new ransomware detection and recovery features, the Nutanix Cloud Platform provides built-in ransomware protection, data visibility and automated data governance for Nutanix Files and Objects across clouds to simplify data protection and strengthen an organization’s cyber resilience posture.”

Nutanix is extending advanced auditing and forensic capabilities from Nutanix Files to Nutanix Objects, offering customers using object storage the same intelligence and security features. This move enables customers to enhance security and regulatory compliance while simplifying their integrated data management across different cloud environments.

These new capabilities are part of Nutanix Cloud Platform’s integrated networking and security features. The platform provides built-in cyber resilience capabilities, including automated platform hardening, data encryption with a single click, secure network policies, application microsegmentation, and protection against ransomware attacks. These measures collectively strengthen an organization’s overall security stance for data and applications, whether they are located on-premises, in public clouds, or at the edge.