Backed by NS1 Labs, Orb is an open-source tool for edge observability that utilizes dynamic policy orchestration in order to extract real-time insights from traffic streams at the edge. 

Those insights are then transformed into actions through integration with modern observability stacks, leading to accelerated time-to-action and a reduction in price.

With Orb, users can quickly identify the root cause of network security and performance issues, analyze data on the network edge, self-service network analytics for infrastructure as a service platforms, collect the insights they need, and use the modern observability stacks they already own.

Orb also natively supports Prometheus and has plans to add support for additional data sinks in the near future. This allows users to either view data locally at the edge in real time with the agent CLI, or globally with a dashboard. 

Orb also allows for users to either host it themselves by deploying it through any cloud-based Kubernetes service or deploy it through the SaaS offering here

Users also gain access to Agent functionality features, such as the ability to: 

  • Use taps to abstract away node details such as ethernet interface or sflow port
  • Define tags to join dynamic Agent Groups
  • Connect to control plane, synchronize collection policies
  • Analyze using deep inspection and streaming algorithms 
  • Expose lightweight metrics for local edge use as well as central collection 

Additionally, Orb comes with multiple Agent input sources, including Packet capture, dnstap, and sflow, with Envoy taps and eBPF coming soon. 

When also using the subsidiary open-source tool, pktvisor, users gain access to Agent metrics like DNS, DHCP, network, policy resource usage, and expandable via custom loadable modules. 

For more information, visit the website.