Rafay Systems launched a new capability that provides developers self-service for faster application deployments with the necessary guardrails that enterprises require. 

With Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP), platform teams establish Kubernetes standards and best practices while freeing developers to rapidly innovate, according to Rafay Systems. 

According to Rafay, finding the right balance between standardization and control for repeatability and governance has been elusive for many of today’s enterprises. Now, teams can provision clusters using Terraform or GitOps workflows, as well as create and manage namespaces for their teams on dedicated or shared clusters. 

Platform teams maintain control through pre-approved, curated cluster blueprints, centralized Kubernetes policy definition and enforcement, and more. 

“Platform teams can leverage Rafay’s KOP to create standardized and repeatable automation that developers can consume as a service,” said Mohan Atreya, the SVP of Products and Services for Rafay. “This allows developers to focus on building transformational products and rolling them out faster to customers versus spending valuable time trying to tame the complexity of Kubernetes management and operations.”

The self-service aspect enables developers to work asynchronously with the appropriate infrastructure and quotas in place, preventing excessive usage of CPU and memory to control costs and to avoid a monopoly of Kubernetes cluster resources. Instituting quotas and the ability for development teams to have self-contained workspaces allows platform teams to reduce operational overhead and costs by taking advantage of shared clusters across teams with workspace isolation. 

Additional details on the new functionality are available here.