Werf is a CNCF Sandbox cross-platform CLI tool that makes it easy to apply best-practice full-cycle CI/CD to Kubernetes. This tool integrates into your CI system, utilizing popular and dependable technologies like Git, Dockerfile, Helm, and Buildah.

It was initially created in Kubernetes Certified Service Provider Flant to serve as a tool to automate the building of Docker images. Later on, it grew to cover the whole software delivery lifecycle involving containers and K8s.

The project includes complete application lifecycle management, including the ability to build and publish container images, test, and deploy an application to Kubernetes, distribute release artifacts, and clean up the container registry.

It is also easy to use with Dockerfiles and Helm chart for configuration and glues common technologies such as Git, Buildah, Helm, Kubernetes, and any CI system of choice.

Lastly, werf offers out-of-the-box efficiency with an advanced caching system. It uses Git as a single source of truth and offers content-based tagging, enhanced resource tracking in Helm, unique container registry cleanup approach, and more.

Werf has recently been admitted as a CNCF project, which will help the tool “get a wider community of users and contributors to align better with other cloud-native projects and industry needs,” according to a blog post. 

The tool can be best utilized by users with experience in existing technologies for constructing and releasing containers that are seeking improved options for their CI/CD toolbox. However, it can also be used by beginners who are overwhelmed by a huge ecosystem of cloud-native tools and don’t know where to start.