Security and compliance company Qualys has announced the launch of Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation. This solution allows security teams to orchestrate workflows, secure applications, and take action to remediate threats. 

According to the company, traditionally when threats arise, typical responses include creating new processes and custom scripts that then need to be rolled out to hundreds, or even thousands, of endpoints using various tools. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to gaps in understanding when it comes to auditing and tracking. 

With Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation, IT teams will be able to create custom scripts that are then integrated into existing programs. 

Administrators can also integrate these scripts into Qualys VMDR workflows using custom Qualys IDs and Control IDs. VMDR is a vulnerability management solution provided by Qualys.  

Using Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation, administrators will also be better prepared to respond to zero-day vulnerabilities as a result of being able to automate processes like collecting and evaluating data, synthesizing third-party threat intelligence feeds, and handling remediation actions like changing configurations, deleting suspicious files, or deploying registry changes. 

In addition, administrators get access to a centralized library for all of their custom scripts that is secured by role-based access control. There is also a centralized library for over 50 reusable scripts that can be used for common scenarios.  

“Security teams struggle to manage and respond to a range of challenges that often require custom approaches,” said Nagi Prabhu, chief product officer of Qualys. “By opening the Qualys Platform, we put security teams in the driver’s seat. Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation enables the creation of custom scripts and controls that are seamlessly integrated into existing security processes and workflows while extending the capabilities of the Cloud Agent so organizations can respond to threats such as Zero-Days immediately.”