Lookout announced its new Zero Trust solution for any app that dynamically adapts based on data sensitivity and on a continuous risk assessment of endpoints and users. 

The solution is an expansion of Lookout Continuous Conditional Access (CCA), achieved by integrating the company’s Mobile Endpoint Security and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions.

Organizations have relied on VPNs, two-factor authentication, and basic device security checks to secure their remote workers. However, the problem with this method is that the assessments are only performed at the time of access and are limited to whether an endpoint is managed and has antivirus enabled, according to Lookout.

“Risk assessments must be performed continuously to identify new and changing app, device, network and phishing threats as well as anomalous user behavior to protect an organization’s data based on it’s sensitivity level,” the company wrote in a press release

The new solution includes integrated data loss prevention technology to see which data requires more sensitivity so that organizations can dynamically adapt access to protect apps and data. It can dynamically modify data access and then redact sensitive keywords, apply watermarks or encrypt the data so it is protected even when downloaded and distributed offline.

“In order to make smart access control decisions, organizations need better telemetry, including risk information on users, endpoints, networks and the applications they use, as well as the sensitivity of the data they access. With our Zero Trust access solution, Lookout customers have integrated access control with the ability to use all of this telemetry so that they can enable remote productivity without exposing their data to risk,” said Aaron Cockerill, the chief strategy officer at Lookout.

According to Lookout, employees can use mobile devices to access cloud apps and data without putting information at risk, get full visibility into the endpoint and access infrastructure, meet compliance requirements, and have access to simplified operations with the new solution.