More and more, software developers are being handed more responsibilities, the largest of which is security.

To help them out, log management company has announced its Security Analytics App, providing a unified platform for security and operations that combines analytics with AI to provide better threat detection and remediation.

“We believe engineers should have one simple and easy to use open platform to analyze machine-generated data for both operations and security. Such a platform should also feature powerful AI technology which provides actionable insights to combat threats more effectively,” the team wrote in a post.

Key features of the new platform include seamless integrations, easy setup and deployment, automatic enrichment of data, and a set of advanced correlation rules that were built by security experts, explained.

According to, the solution also provides out-of-the-box compliance and easy reports and integrations that will help organizations comply with regulations such as PCI, GDPR, and SOC 2.

“Our vision has always been to create a platform designed for the way engineers like to work that is both powerful and easy to use.  For this reason, extending our core platform to bring a new level of security and simplicity suited for engineering-driven teams is a natural evolution of our platform,” the team wrote.