SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, today announced support for OpenAPI Specification (OAS) in AlertSite, a market leader in performance monitoring for web, mobile, cloud, and API. The new OpenAPI support in AlertSite allows teams to leverage their existing OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as the Swagger Specification) files to create API monitors seamlessly and instantly, driving standardization from design to deployment.

As the API economy continues to grow, API teams are increasingly adopting the OpenAPI Specification in order to standardize their APIs and improve maintenance, adoption, and consumption. However, many teams lack the time or expertise to implement an API monitoring tool to ensure their APIs function as designed once they are deployed. With the new OpenAPI support in AlertSite, development and operations teams can instantly create API monitors from their existing OAS files, thereby extending OAS standardization from design to deployment and gaining actionable insights into the performance and availability of their APIs.

A global leader in the hospitality industry leveraged the new OAS support in AlertSite to create monitors for their global API infrastructure in under a minute. Using the existing OAS files the development team had designed, their operations team was able to start monitoring their APIs immediately. As a result, they were able to gain full visibility into the health of their API infrastructure, which proved to be indispensable because their APIs build the foundation of their digital presence, and understanding how they’re performing provides true insight into the state of their digital applications as a whole.

“The support for the OpenAPI Specification bridges the gap between development and operational teams, optimizing DevOps initiatives by reusing the OAS designs to monitor their APIs in pre- and post-production,” said Anand Sundaram, Vice President of Products, AlertSite at SmartBear. “With the ability to monitor APIs throughout the entire API lifecycle, AlertSite makes it fast and easy to adopt an API monitoring strategy that works for your entire business, not just one department.”

The new support for the OAS in AlertSite builds on existing API monitoring integrations with SoapUI and SoapUI Pro, and is the first of several new API monitoring integrations and functionalities planned for 2018. In addition to AlertSite, SmartBear also provides several other API lifecycle tools that help you create and deliver great APIs, including SwaggerHub for designing, developing, and documenting APIs using the OpenAPI Specification, Swagger Inspector for testing and instantly generating OAS files for any API, SoapUI and SoapUI Pro for REST and SOAP functional testing and test automation, LoadUI Pro for API load testing, and ServiceV Pro for API and database virtualization.

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