Datadog today announced new support for Node.js apps within its application performance monitoring solution Datadog APM. The newly added support provides more visibility and monitoring into Node.js apps.

Node.js is an asynchronous JavaScript runtime designed for building scalable network apps.

“As you deploy and scale your Node.js applications, you need full visibility into their health and performance in order to troubleshoot issues effectively. Datadog APM provides detailed performance overviews of your applications, and traces requests as they travel across distributed services and hosts, so that you can identify bottlenecks and debug errors,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Datadog APM features the ability to automatically instrument requests to modules used through the Node.js ecosystem, trace requests as they travel across the Node.js environment, and provide detailed overviews of key metrics such as throughput, latency and errors. The company also provides trace search and analytics to gain insight from trace events collected from Node.js apps and features automated alerts for anomaly detection and forecasting.

Node.js support includes versions 4.7+, 6.9+ and 8+, although the company says it will perform better with apps running the most recent versions of Node.js due to performance improvements in versions 8.3.0+. Datadog APM also provides support for Java, Ruby, Python and Go.

“Datadog APM’s auto-instrumentation provides quick insights across key modules in your Node.js applications, but you can also manually instrument and tag specific spans of code to ensure that your request traces carry all the information that’s relevant to your application and your business,” the company wrote.