The AIOps company Virtual Instruments is rebranding itself as Virtana and releasing a new cloud monitoring solution this week. According to the company, the rebranding signifies its focus on using AIOps approaches for hybrid IT infrastructure management.  

The newly announced cloud cost optimization and monitoring solution CloudWisdom is designed to help companies plan, analyze and optimize cloud workloads, services and resources. 

“The future of IT operations is autonomous and hybrid. By providing a next generation, AI-powered hybrid infrastructure management platform, we are enabling IT operations to be more efficient and automated than ever,” said Philippe Vincent, CEO of Virtana. “Virtana’s goal is to help customers modernize and grow by embracing a new approach to monitoring, analysis and automation. By providing customers with deep infrastructure visibility through an app-centric, real-time approach, we’re delivering the foundation for intelligent automation and helping customers de-risk their journey to the hybrid cloud.”

According to the company, organizations are moving to a more hybrid private/public cloud model — which requires a new approach to infrastructure management. Virtana aims to provide the foundation for the next generation of hybrid infrastructure management with Cloud Wisdom, and its existing products WorkloadWisdom for testing storage systems with workloads and VirtualWisdom for using AI-powered monitoring, analytics and automation tools.