The network policy automation company Tufin has announced a new AI assistant designed to make it easier for IT operations teams to get easy answers about the state of the network.

TufinMate can be used by end users to ask if there is a current outage, cutting down the time help desk personnel need to spend responding to questions. It can check if they are allowed to access the network, view traffic flows, identify issues, and open new access requests.

It operates on the principle of least privilege, which means that only people who are actually authorized to access the information asked of TufinMate will receive responses.

It can also be configured to automate specific actions based on conversations, which helps further free up time for network security teams. 

Other things that TufinMate can do include providing details about connected devices, providing a PDF topology map for network paths, evaluating the risk of network change requests, and managing network access issues from within Microsoft Teams.

“Network security professionals are overburdened with mundane, low-value requests that take their focus away from mission-critical tasks that can move the business forward,” said Ruth Gomel Kafri, vice president of product management at Tufin. “AI-powered tools such as TufinMate can ease that burden through automation, making it easier for other stakeholders to gain network information, make requests, find issues, and speed mean-time-to-resolution.”