DevOps orchestration company Transposit has announced new pre-built integrations with over 200 services and tools, such as ServiceNow, Jira Service Management, and GitHub. 

The company believes that these integrations will help save organizations time and money by eliminating the need for them to build and maintain custom integrations to these services on their own. 

Teams will be able to tackle infrastructure changes through a single Transposit runbook, consolidating efforts that might take over a dozen manual steps from multiple people. For example, through Transposit they can submit infrastructure requests for cloud service using their ticketing system or chat platform and Transposit will automatically grab and parse the data, then automatically create a GitHub pull request using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) best practices. 

In addition, Transposit’s integrations could allow for a more streamlined approach to IaC and GitOps. It provides several layers of assurance as companies adopt GitOps processes, and provides a safe interface for creating pull requests. 

Transposit’s integrations are based on the OpenAPI Specification, which means that users can easily build new integrations and create workflows to accommodate evolving technology stacks. 

“The rise of digital transformation and adoption of cloud has complicated IT operations,” said Tina Huang, founder and CTO of Transposit. “Configuration of cloud infrastructure is dynamic and changing constantly. The gap between legacy ITSM and agile DevOps practices makes it difficult and costly for teams to keep up with the constant flux of infrastructure change and deluge of service requests. Our goal is to bridge this gap by empowering teams to bring their agile practices into ITSM to enhance collaboration, adapt to change, drive continuous improvement, and, ultimately, deliver value faster.”