Connected workflow company Transposit announced Activities, which is a new feature that applies automation to ITSM processes. It provides a single source of truth across issues, incidents, and requests. 

Every action taken by both human and machine throughout any activity within the Transposit Timeline is captured through auto-tickets. 

Data and actionability are brought neatly together to enhance visibility and collaboration, enabling teams to use structured data from across the stack and take swift action with human-in-the-loop automated runbooks.

According to the company, Activities enhance visibility and collaboration by allowing teams to use structured data from across the stack and take action with human-in-the-loop automated runbooks. 

“Transposit is taking a modern approach to ticketing that makes Transposit Activities the container to all processes and actions,” said Divanny Lamas, CEO of Transposit. “Teams shouldn’t have to leave the context of a ticket to take action. Now, when a new activity is created, the entire process can be carried out within that context through human-in-the-loop automated runbooks. Context stays relevant and up-to-date with automatic input and updates to the metadata within Activities.”

Automatic documentation and a full history of runbook “runs” provide teams with a feedback loop that can help improve automation and processes over time. With it, teams have full visibility into what and how runbooks were used. 

Capabilities of Activities include manual or automatic activity creation, customizable activity types and fields, runbook execution, human-in-the-loop automation, and more. 

Additional details are available here.